FOSTER CARE/ADOPTION BILLION DOLLAR INDUSTRY: TITLE IV-E of the SOCIAL SECURITY ACT ENTITLEMENT matches the cost of foster care services and adoption subsidies with state agencies.  Privatization of foster care has been a disaster for children |

TheHill Child Policy – Overview – The Adoption And Safe Families Act Of 1997 | Failure To Protect | FRONTLINE | PBS

Dr. Craig Childress: Attachment-Based “Parental Alienation”   Dr. Childress Comment 2021: Proposed APA (American Psychological Association) Guidelines for Custody Evaluations: “In 2018 a Petition to the APA signed by 20,000 parents was hand-submitted to the APA offices in Washington, DC asking for a redress of grievances regarding rampant and unchecked ethical violations in the practice of child custody evaluations and forensic psychology.  The APA has made no response to parents regarding their grievances.  The APA has shown complete and full contempt for the plight of parents in the family court system and the rampant unethical practices in forensic psychology surrounding child custody evaluations.  These concerns continue.  Comment on 1: Ethical Code Violations: Principle D Justice. The excessive cost of child custody evaluations ($20,000 – $40,000) prevents access to qualified psychological input in court cases to only the most affluent of clients, denying equal access to professional services as guaranteed by Principle D Justice of the APA ethics code.”

2/2/2021: On immigration, Biden signed executive order ordering a review of Trump’s deterrent policies along the border and created a task force to reunite families, calling their separation under the Trump administration a “moral and national shame.”  5/3/2021:  ACLU Every separated family must be reunited with resources and care to address the harms they’ve endured. They also deserve citizenship and a commitment that such an atrocity will never happen again. We are pleased the Biden administration has now taken its first steps to address the harm caused by the Trump administration’s barbaric family separation practice and thrilled for the four families who will be reunited this week,” said Lee Gelernt, lead counsel in an ongoing class-action lawsuit that the American Civil Liberties Union brought against the policy in 2018.   5/6/2021: Biden admin may bring whole families to U.S. to reunite with separated children, not just parents. Task force is working on a process where “immediate family members,” like siblings and stepparents, “can also apply.”