ICC Criminal Complaint


Legally protected FRAUD: Pierson v Ray- the right to act from the bench “maliciously and corruptly.” 


12/29/21 (Morrison) ICC Preliminary Investigation Request Sent 
The Hague, 17 January 2022 
Dear Sir, Madam 
"The Office of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court acknowledges receipt of your documents/letter" 

June 2022: ICC Criminal Complaint https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ShZ_X3HLM0snCu-zw7Xvjnx40zUx0G57/view 
Affidavit of Atrocity Crimes: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1l-JcglyqP_ICJFa070azbaZxUzDO5Wtb/view 

10/21/21 ICC-investigation request 

1/20/22 https://www.icc-cpi.int/news/seminarsDocuments/2022-Judicial-Seminar-report-ENG.pdf International Criminal Court: DISCIPLINARY MECHANISMS APPLICABLE TO JUDGES "Judges must be – and be seen to be - independent, but not unaccountable."(?)

3/26/22 Prosecutor ICC KARIM KHAN “My job is one of good faith, of endeavour, to investigate all alleged crimes. I am not wedded to any side but the law” https://twitter.com/IntlCrimCourt/status/1507652746891206660

www.cbsnews.com/news/biden-anti-corruption-national-security-policy/ Biden prioritizes anti-corruption efforts in national security policy "Fighting corruption is not just good governance. It is self-defense". 

2/18/22 https://www.michigan.gov/ag/0,4534,7-359-82917_100846---,00.html  CRIME VICTIM RIGHTS In Michigan, a victim is an individual who suffers direct or threatened physical, financial, or emotional harm as a result of the commission of a crime.  (EXCLUDING COURT CRIME VICTIMS??) 

That is why I reiterate my call for the adoption of Charter of Rights of Whistleblowers and for accountability of government officials and private sector actors for their crimes and abuses. https://dezayasalfred.wordpress.com/2021/10/0

2021: World Forum World Forum Complaint[1574]

2021: CRIME VICTIMS  filed docketed lawsuit[581]

Jan-2020-Dr.-Cordero.pdf (judicialcriminal.com)

 Fighting Public Corruption Should Be A Priority?              http://nocourtofficierisabovethelaw.com Cached (bingj.com)